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This diary dates back to a holiday in 2003 when I think the urge to get back into fishing took off.
From around 2007 the trips became more frequent with 2010/11 probably being the peak of activity.
Things again pick up in 2020 - a sort of rebirth!


River Great Ouse - Houghton (10)

Trout Stream

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Arrival time: 09.30
Weather: Cloudy, becoming warm with a freshening wind and sunny intervals.
Tackle: Ryan Burns 'Arrow' 10' split cane rod, Mitchell 300 reel, 1xSSG link leger, 7lb line to 6 eyed hook.
Baits: Cheese paste, cheese & worm.
Fish: Blank.

After a couple of outings to still waters I decided to give a stream another try, following some quite difficult sessions earlier in the season. As there had been quite a lot of recent rain I expected the water level to be up, but in fact it was very low. And I had also hoped that some of the weed growth had died down, as well as the dense bank side vegetation. I was disappointed on both counts, at one point doubting whether I would find a fishable swim.

The first three or four swims I looked in, where I had fished on previous occasions, were just too difficult, mainly because it wouldn't have been possible to land a fish even if I had hooked one.

I eventually reached a spot that had previously proved to be a pretty sure bet for a chub. It again was tricky but was just about fishable. First cast I snagged on the retrieve and lost everything. On the next attempt I placed cheese paste in the desired spot but nothing responded. I went on to try worm, which produced a few light taps from small fish, and cheese, which produced nothing. Previous experience suggested that if a chub was there and feeding the bite should have been almost immediate, but I persevered as there were unlikely to be many more fishable spots.

The first impossible swim

The first 'impossible' swim
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water level was very low

The water level was very low

First swim fished

The 'chub' swim - but nothing doing

Fishable but no fish

Fishable but once again no fish

The back channel swim

On the back channel - only a few taps on worm

I walked on, passing another couple of spots that I had fished previously but were too difficult on this occasion. I eventually arrived at a longish glide that was quite open compared to what had gone before. But, once again, despite remaining there for quite a while there was no interest in my offerings. It was a swim where I had caught chub in the past but in more wintery conditions.

I knew there was one more spot, which again turned out to be just fishable. But I hadn't been there long when a glimpse of sunshine revealed that the bottom was a carpet of cabbage weed. And sure enough I was snagged when I retrieved. I decided to move over to the nearby side channel, where there was a well established swim that had clearly been fished a lot.

I had fished this spot before, unsuccessfully, and it was no different on this occasion. A couple of little taps on worm and another tackle loss when an over ambitious cast went in a tree on the far bank.

At this point I decided to walk back along the stream and stopped off at one of the difficult spots I had passed previously. I wasn't too surprised when I again had no success.

So it was a blank, but as always I enjoyed the prospect of a chub waiting in one or more of the swims. That's the great joy of this type of fishing, one never knows what is going to turn up. Or, as on this occasion, whether anything will turn up at all!

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